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ATTENTION: Tried To Make Money Online, But Nothing Works?

How This 22 Year Old College Dropout Used This  “FB Ad ‘Twist’+ AdSense” Formula To Net $132,747.50 In A Year! 

(Copy The Exact Simple, Fast Formula He Used to Profit ......Without Any Tedious Backlinking And SEO!)

 Skeptical? Let me PROVE IT to you right now - below!

  • Simple & Newbie-Friendly
  • Unique - You've not seen anything like this before
  • No Product, List Or
    Experience Needed
  • Passive Income
  • Easily Repeatable & Scaleable 
  • FB ads as little as $0.0018 per link click 

In just a few minutes, you’ll discover how this newbie marketer went from ZERO to $132,747.50 in a year.
With the help of this magma spewing volcano...

...And how it can help you make 6 figures by the end of 2020!


Warning! Special Early Birds Price Goes UP In:

Would Having A ‘Little’ Extra Like This
Help You Out In 2018?

Here is what Edwin Mik had to say about it!

Demetris D-Papa

"D-papa here... AKA Demetris... and I've just had a look at Sense Drill...and all I can say is WOW. 

You see…I had a pleasure to meet Ivana at the event in Portugal, and she told me…

Demetris, it is time to change the industry and over deliver on the products.

That talk about over delivering was no joke…Sense drill is super powerful. 

You are getting 2 PDF’s 20 videos, 3 bonuses and 2 case studies.

This is a true no brainer. Go for it!

Gavin Birchall

"Gavin here...and I've got to say.

Ivana has done it yet again! Sense Drill is a brilliant course!

It teaches you simple way to turn UNDERGROUND FB Ad method, into AdSense daily profits almost effortlessly. Inside, they share an easy to follow blueprint to drive incredible amounts of traffic and turn that traffic into AdSense revenue.

I feel this course is a real game changer and brings something totally unique and special to our community. All the product’s Ivana puts out are awesome and strategies deliver results. I know as I’ve usd some.

This absolutely ROCKS!

Warning! Special Early Birds Price Goes UP In:

I’ve managed to find a sneaky BACKDOOR way for ANYONE to make 6-Figures in 2020 using AdSense.

 No time-consuming, money-guzzling SEO

 No tedious backlinking

 No scary ‘you’re screwed’ Google slaps

 No waiting around to hit pay dirt

You’re Wondering, “What The Hell??” …Aren't You?

Stick with me, because you’re going to love this.

I'm going to show you how I managed to performed CPR on AdSense (remember that
‘dead’ network?), bought it back to life, and watched it automate $132,747.50 in
commissions in a year.

The best thing? You’ll see results in as little as 24 hours after implementation!

All you need to do is be able to follow my simple instructions.

“AdSense? That’s SO 2008, Right?

Look, I get you are cynical…so was I, at first.

I also believed all the experts who said that AdSense was dead.

I also believed that ONLY large companies with deep pockets could make AdSense work in 2018.

Here’s the rub……

"Google AdSense paid out publishers 21.3% MORE in 2019 than they did in 2018"

In fact, since launching in 2003, Google have seen a rise in payouts every single year.

In other words, there are people quietly raking in serious money…And loving the fact that people like you and me think AdSense is dead!


It means there’s more money left for them!

In fact, I don’t think some of these people are going to be very happy with me when I reveal what I’m about to share with you today...

There are a number of AdSense millionaires out there who really do want you to believe that AdSense is over for people like you and me.

'Big Boys' Want You To Think That 'Adsense Is Dead'

And that we should really concentrate on other ways to make money online, and leave AdSense to the ‘big boys’ who have a ton of money.

It’s why they spread so much misinformation about AdSense.

Such as you need to learn SEO, wait months to get approved by google, and wait months to see results.

Is it any wonder most of us just gave up on AdSense and think of it as long dead?

"AdSense Is NOT Dead.
Using OLD 2008 AdSense Tactics Is Dead!"

From the desk of:
Vaibhav Goel, Ivana Bosnjak & Ram Rawat

Hey there, Vaibhav here along with Ivana & Ram.

I’m a 22 year old college drop out. And yes, I understand if you’re a little skeptical about this whole AdSense thing.

I know exactly how you're feeling, as I also believed, like everyone else, that the days of using AdSense to make money online was over.

And I would still be blind to the reality...If I didn’t accidentally strike lucky – Bear with me, I'll come to that in a minute.

Now, I make a consistent $9,000+ per month in AdSense revenue.

OK, so that’s not exactly Guru money!

But hell, I’m not a Guru!I don’t live on a tropical island, and I’m not drinking champagne every night.

However, I am able to work just an hour or so a day, when I want, where I want…

I can travel, I can spend time with friends and family…..

And I don’t have an annoying boss breathing down my neck!


However, as recently as 2016, I was living a normal life. I was going to college to learn software development (yes, typical Indian ☺)

I was studying for 10+ hours a day, and spending less and less time with my family and friends…


In the middle of my 3rd year of college, I’d finally had enough.

I made the scary decision to give up on software development, and I decided to learn 'how to earn online'.

The very first strategy I tried was AdSense. Why? Because I had heard that there were people making a fortune using AdSense.

And that, because the general public thought AdSense was dead, these people were raking in TWICE the money.

So I took an online course on AdSense, and followed the advice; I created a website, and tried to rank it on Google using SEO.

I Focused On The ‘Holy Trinity’ Of SEO: Keywords, Backlinks And Content (A BIG Mistake)

  • For months, I created content with all the right keywords, every single day.
  • For months, I made sure I was creating backlinks, and trying to get other sites to link to me.
  • For months, I worked 8+ hours a day, trying to rank my site on Google.

What was my result? A big, fat ZERO!

Yeah! Months of content generation and work just wasted.

Can you imagine how exasperated I was?

I can still remember thinking, “What am I going to tell my family?

I was now several months down the line from giving up my software course…

……with NOTHING to show for it.

I decided there was no way I could face my family. There was no way I could be failure.

So I carried on pushing forward, adding new content, creating backlinks, and doing whatever I could to push my website up the ranks on Google.

After my 8th month, my first little bits of AdSense revenue came trickling in, and by the time my site was a year old, I was averaging $180-200 a month.

But, that’s not a lot to show for years’ worth of backbreaking work.

I Was Sick Of All This SEO Nonsense.
It Was Too Little Reward For A TON Of Work

A whole year of content generation, backlinks, doing everything ‘right’, and I was making around $200 a month…..what a joke!

My family and I needed more, a hell of a lot more! So….I’d had enough.

"It Was Time To Get Serious! It Was Time To Get In The Driver Seat And Create My Own Reliable Traffic. So I Turned To Paid Traffic"

I tried AdWords, I tried Bing Ads, Facebook…

I tried so many different paid sources….

All had the EXACT same problem.

The ROI is so pathetic, it’s simply not worth the effort.

What’s the point in spending $1 on a click, to get back $1.01?

The Problem With The VAST Majority Of Paid Traffic?

"The Cost Per Click Is So High, 

You Make Hardly ANY Profits"

But I knew there had to be an answer.

I was like a man possessed. I had to crack the code.

I was spending so much that I’d burn through my monthly AdSense profits within days, and then I’d borrow money from my brother to keep buying more ads.

And then it finally happened…………..success!

I was about to give up completely, but I thought I’d place just one more ad….

And, on a whim, I chose Facebook.


Finally, One Simple Ad I Ran Doubled My Profits. Traffic That Was Cheap AND Targeted - Facebook Ad With A TWIST!

"By complete accident, I stumbled upon a true traffic secret."

I had tried Facebook ads before, but the cost per click was astronomical.

Why was this ad so different?

I was getting ridiculously low cost per click…I’m talking 0.0018 for a link click!

 For every dollar I was spending on this particular Facebook ad, Google was paying me over $2 in AdSense revenue.

In other words…

I was literally DOUBLING my money.

But why?

I looked at my ad. I looked at the settings, the parameters…

And there it was, staring me in the face

 I Had Made A Small Error With My Facebook Ad. I Had Checked Some ‘Wrong’ Boxes.

This ‘Mistake’ Lead Me To Discover This Ridiculously Cheap Underground Traffic Stream That NO ONE Teaches In AdSense Courses!

I thought it might just be a lucky fluke.

So I created another ad on Facebook, made sure to add in my ‘mistakes,’ and see if my discovery was real or not.

Guess what?

Again, I received TWICE my investment back!

"Within A Month, I Had Literally Turned My FB Ads +
AdSense Strategy
Into A ‘Magic’ Money Doubling Machine!

Whatever Amount I Put In, It Spat Out More Than Twice The Cash!"

The more I put in, the more I got out.

 In a year, I scaled up my business, to make me cool $132,747.50 within 12 months…

However, I want you to remember, despite now owning an incredibly successful AdSense business, I'm absolutely no different than you.

I’m no more intelligent than you.

I'm just a guy who was like a dog with a bone, and persisted in finding a source of traffic that was less than half the price of my AdSense revenue, so I could reap the rewards.

That being said……..I’d hate for you go through what I did.

It’s why I approached Ram and Ivana. I knew these two would be able to help me get this information out to other struggling marketers.

I’m so excited to share exactly how I do this, so you can shortcut your way through all the hard work, and get straight to the money!


Warning! Price Goes UP In:

Step-By-Step Video Training

Sense Drill is a short 'Step-by-Step’ PDF + Video Training' where you literally watch over my shoulders as I create a simple new website (even a child could do this), set up a simple Facebook ad, direct this traffic back to my website with AdSense installed, and then watch my money double up…So you can copy and paste what works 100%.

Whether You Are A Blogger, Writer, A Wordpress Site Owner, Or You’re A Complete Wet-Behind-The-Ears Newbie Who’s Never Even Owned A Site, You Need To See This...

  • NO NEED for an existing website (but if you have one, then great!)
  • NO NEED for any technical expertise
  • NO NEED to work long hours
  • NO NEED to go through a lengthy, boring course full of theory
  • NO NEED to create your own products
  • NO NEED to wait months to see results – you can see results in 24 hours
  • No NEED to feel anxious about spending money on ads!

Think about it…

If you knew that, by spending $5, you could get back more than $10, would you feel anxious??

This Is A Completely NEW Route To Serious AdSense Revenue WITHOUT SEO, Backlinks And Google Rankings!

  • Imagine not having to get your head around complex software or learn tedious technical skills.
  • Imagine learning how to make a passive autopilot income of at least $9000+ per month a reality, within as little as 24 hours.
  • Imagine being able to scale up easily, at your own time and pace.
  • Imagine not having to understand complicated things like Google PageRank, SEO, how to build backlinks, and all that headache inducing stuff.
  • Imagine never having to fear Google algorithm updates completely destroying all your hard word overnight.
  • Imagine having an additional $9000+ per month from an hour’s of work per day, leaving you with lots of time to spend with your family, your friends, your hobbies or travel.

Once you join me inside Sense Drill, you’ll no longer be breaking your back trying to earn free traffic, nor will you be paying over the odds for paid traffic.

"You’ll Know Immediately How To Unleash This Secret Source Of Cheap Traffic From Facebook
Just Marry This Up With AdSense To ‘Double Up’ Your Money!"

Remember how I mentioned that volcano at the beginning?

That volcano is Soufriere Hills volcano, found in the the small Caribbean island of Montserrat.

Since the 17th century, this volcano was considered ‘dead.’

In 1995, however, this volcano roared back into life, spewing out tons of molten lava and pyroclastic flow, completely burying Plymouth (which was then the island’s capital) in over 10 feet of ash.

The people of Montserrat were wrong to underestimate Soufriere Hills….

Just like we were all wrong to underestimate AdSense!

AdSense is only going to get bigger.

Isn’t time you got with the program, and got a share of the colossal AdSense revenue pie?

Money In = 2X Or More Money Out It’s Like Your Very Own Cash Cloning Machine
This Is Exactly What Sense Drill Shows You!

Here’s EXACTLY Why This Is The Most Unique AdSense Method Ever:

This is what’s inside Sense Drill that you can watch, copy and paste…

  • How to quickly set up a WordPress site

Even if you’ve never set up a website before in your life, you’ll be able to follow my simple instructions.

Just watch and copy me to your brand new website. 

I’ll show you exactly what pages you need, what plugins you need to add (all free) and all the little bits necessary to tick all of Google’s boxes.

  • How to choose a hot, profit generating niche

A major issue people have, when setting up a website for AdSense, is that they realize far too late that the niche they’ve chosen is unprofitable.

I’m going to list the 5 main niches which are trending hot right now in 2018, specifically for AdSense adverts.

  • How to get approved by Google for AdSense

I’m NOT going to tell you to wait for months – no way! I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to get your AdSense set up that gets you approved FAST..

Just watch, copy and paste!

  • How to set up your first Facebook ad

This is the really juicy stuff!

Remember, I ran an advert and accidentally left some boxes unchecked, which led to me discovering this source of super cheap traffic that has the ability to double up my money when paired with AdSense.

I will show you exactly how to tap into this secret traffic source.

This technique is something that is not taught anywhere else, and I’ve been told this information alone is worth more than all the tea in India!


  • How to scale up without risking a dime

I’ve created a complete case study where you will see me go from a standing still position to 6 figures, scaling up by simply using my profits. In other words, risk free scale-as-you-earn!

Yes, you don’t have to do this, but for those who really want to ramp up their earnings, and reach for that ‘IM Lifestyle,’ this is for you!

Finally, A REAL Way To Build Massive, Profit Pulling, Automated AdSense Sites

WITHOUT, SEO, Backlinking, Or Spending A Ton Of Time And Cash

Warning! Price Goes UP In:

Don’t take my word for it, here’s what other respected marketers are saying about Sense Drill…

Tatiana Di Maio

"I am a single mom of 2 and am always on the lookout for new methods to drive traffic, and monetize my sites.

I tried Adsense before, but didn´t get good results.

After seeing Sense Drill course, I found out what I needed to change to make things work for me.

This strategy is very detailed, and it is a long term earning plan.And what I like the most about it, course is completed in PDF as well as video version. Plus bonuses are actually designed for this course. Such a nice addition.

I give it a 5 star rating " 

You’re going to go crazy for Sense Drill, but, not only will you finally have a bonafide ‘money doubling robot,’ when you join me today you'll also Get Access to These Awesome Bonuses  

Exclusive Bonus #1

Sense Drill Checklist

Sense Drill is a no-fluff course, but we will still cover a lot of ground. It’s why I created this handy Sense Drill Checklist so, at any point in your Sense Drill journey, you can see exactly where you are, and what you still need to implement. Remember, I want you to emulate my success, and I’m confident you can, but only if you follow my steps exactly in the right order. With this checklist, you simply can’t go wrong!

Exclusive Bonus #2

Sense Drill Outsourcing Rolodex

As you know, there are only 3 stages to my Sense Drill Strategy; set up a WordPress site, get approved by Google for AdSense, and unleash dirt cheap traffic from Facebook. However, once you’ve started making some serious AdSense revenue, I don’t want you to be working every day. So do what I do and outsource out some or all of the Sense Drill stages, I’ll show you exactly how I outsource nearly all the work, so I literally ‘work’ less than an hour a day!

Exclusive Bonus #3

5 Steps To Massive Free Viral Traffic 

Sense Drill will show you exactly how I get targeted Facebook traffic to my AdSense site for as little as $0.0018. But you know what’s even cheaper than that?

FREE traffic! Here’s a covert way you can get a load of viral traffic from Facebook, and pay absolutely nothing for it!

The Bare Facts: This Is For ANYONE Who Wants A Job Replacing Passive Income In 2018

Basically, right now you have only 2 choices:

 Choice #1:

You could pass on this offer today and continue to naively believe that AdSense is ‘dead.’ 

If you have some sense (pun intended), you may even try to make AdSense work for you.

You never know, you might figure out, all by yourself, the Facebook ‘loophole’ that unleashes cheap traffic, and the 5 key niches that generate you explosive AdSense revenue…

You might be lucky…

OR, there’s the smarter choice.

 Choice #2:

Get access to Sense Drill now where I can show you exactly which niches to choose from, how to get approved for Google AdSense within a week, and how to generate targeted Facebook traffic for as low as $0.0018 per click…

Just line these all up (FB traffic – WP site – AdSense), input money at the front end, and watch your money doubling machine spit out twice the cash at the other end – how easy is that?!

So…How Much Should I Charge You For A Literal Cash Cloning Machine?

Today, when you secure your copy of Sense Drill, you'll get a Total Value of $488 For ONLY ... [$17]

You’ve got to agree, that’s an unbelievable offer for what you are getting in return!

Once I close down the offer I won't release it again at this price……

I'm doing this because I want these techniques to only be available to people who really want to take life by the balls and make a difference in their lives.

I’m not some hotshot guru. I’m just a normal guy. 

I don’t think I can handle a load of whiny losers or work shy idiots joining me on this journey.

This is not a get right quick scheme.

I can show you exactly how I went from needing to borrow money from my brother just to put food on the table, to 6 figures in 2017.

But I can’t actually do the work for you. So I want only the real serious action takers to come on board. 

But, just in case you have any doubt in your mind, I'm going to remove all the risk!

You're totally protected by my 14 day money-back guarantee:

14 Day, 100% No-Questions-Asked “Cannot Lose” Guarantee
Download Now and Risk $0.00

If, for any reason during the first 14 days, you implement my techniques, show me proof of implementation, and you cannot make your investment back, get in touch with me and you will get a fast, courteous and FULL refund.

No strings attached. No hard feelings. No risk whatsoever – You either get results with Sense Drill or you get your money back.

By now, I’m sure you can appreciate the serious value for money you'll enjoy...

Sense Drill

PLUS: Sense Drill Checklist

PLUS: Sense Drill Outsourcing Rolodex

PLUS: 5 Steps To Massive Free Viral Traffic

[$97 value]

[$47 value]

[$97 value]

[$247 value]

That’s a real value of [$488 value] for JUST:

Warning! Price Goes UP In:

And you have my 14 day cast iron money-back guarantee.

In fact, the only way you can lose is by doing nothing. Remember, I can only have this much confidence because I just know you’ll be able to replicate my success!

Are You Ready To Copy Me And Change Your Life, Forever?

I guarantee that, when you click the button below, you won’t EVER regret this decision.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unleash a source of secret Facebook traffic can literally double, and possibly triple, your money with AdSense revenue.

Imagine creating a virtual conveyer belt, where you input cash through one end, and twice the amount comes out the other end...that’s what happens when you use my Sense Drill strategy!

Remember, you may never see this offer again. Click the Buy button now...

Warning! Price Goes UP In:


Vaibhav Goel, Ivana Bosnjak & Ram Rawat

P.S. This is a limited offer. Join me as I show you exactly how to set up a cash making WordPress site, in a niche proven to generate serious levels of AdSense revenue, and then switch on this super cheap Facebook traffic, to literally double up my money. You’ve already seen concrete proof that this system works, and you too could be making $9000+ per month in as little 24 hours – Grab Sense Drill now by clicking the Buy button.

P.P.S. Just a reminder, you could skip over this offer, but then you'll stay right where you are now, still trying this and that, still trying to make money online using free traffic which takes forever, or using paid traffic which costs an arm and a leg! Let me help you get out of the rut you're in, and show you a way to copy me to 6 figures, TODAY.

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